Saccharides, Nucleosides, Derivatives
13C, 2H, 15N, 18O Labeling


President's Note

Dear Customer:

In March of 2012, Omicron Biochemicals, Inc. celebrated its 30th year in business. Despite the continued growth of the company, especially in recent years, we remain faithful to our corporate mission as defined initially in 1982: to provide high quality stable isotopically-labeled carbohydrates and their derivatives at competitive prices, to provide our customers with exceptional technical service, and to provide opportunities for the professional growth of our employees. We are proud to present our web site and invite you to take a few moments to become familiar with our products and services.

Omicron is a privately-owned research and development company with expertise in saccharide and nucleoside chemistry and biochemistry. We routinely conduct large-scale syntheses of labeled saccharides that are used in chemical, biochemical, metabolic, and biomedical studies. Compounds containing single, multiple or uniform enrichment with 13C, 2H, 15N and/or 18O are prepared routinely in our facility. In addition, basic research and custom synthesis are prime missions of our business. Our scientific team participates in research projects on a collaborative basis, and we encourage inquiries along these lines.

We have maintained our original synthetic philosophy to prepare labeled carbohydrate building blocks for use directly or as precursors in the preparation of more complex biomolecules. This business strategy simplifies the identification of products that we offer routinely, and provides the needed in-house foundation on which to build larger labeled structures. Custom syntheses are conducted on a case-by-case basis, so please contact us if a particular compound is not listed on this site. We have broad experience in the synthesis of labeled and unlabeled saccharides and nucleosides and are eager to assist you.

Over the past few years, Omicron has devoted increased attention to the preparation of labeled nucleosides and nucleotides. We also have improved capabilities to prepare labeled saccharides relevant to glycobiology; for example, [13C]sialic acid, [13C]fucose, and [13C]aminosugars are standard offerings.

All Omicron products listed on our web site and in our catalog are prepared to meet high standards of chemical and isotopic purity. Customer needs and concerns are addressed fully and promptly by phone, E-mail or via our web site.

I thank you, our customers, for your business, and invite you to choose the Omicron team the next time labeled saccharides and their derivatives are required for your studies.


Anthony S. Serianni, Ph.D.

President and CEO